This is a Vegetarian Product

Best Before 6 Months from the date of Manufacturing.


Haemovite is a sweet nutrition-rich powder that contains naturally grown beetroot as its ingredients by using traditional agricultural methods. It’s great to alternate for tea, coffee, or other nutrition supplements. Fits from young babies to the elderly, and also well suits for diabetic patients too. NABL lab tested for purity and quality.

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100g           250g          500g

Benefits :
  • Increases red-blood-cells (RBC) count by raising iron levels in the blood.
  • Regularizes menstrual cycle and ensures painless periods in women.
  • Helps new mothers with increased lactation.
  • Serves as a great natural protein supplement for athletes and body-builders (contains 27% protein)
  • Pregnant women benefit from using Haemovite to maintain their hemoglobin levels.
  • Working professionals use refreshingly-tasty Haemovite every day to cope with stress and fatigue.
  • The natural sweetness in Haemovite triggers the release of the feel-good chemical “Dopamine” in the brain.
  • Eating or drinking sweets may decrease the production of the stress-related hormone “glucocorticoid” – which has been linked to obesity and decreased immune response.
  • Sugar snacks (naturally-sweetened snacks) are better “self medications” for the two most common types of stress: “psychological and physical.”

Frequently asked questions

Everybody from 7 months old baby can take it.

Take two to three teaspoons twice daily.

Yes, they can. If having any doubt, consult with your healthcare provider.

Mix 2-3 teaspoons of Haemovite with a glass of hot milk or hot water or badam milk and drink hot.

Yes, It is Certified by Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. License No. 22419091000386.

Yes, they can it serves as natural protein supplement.

Natural sweetness of Beetroot and Jaggery.

No added preservatives/artificial colour.

Beetroot, Jaggery, cardamom, Almonds and cashews.

Yes. The ingredients used in it are naturally occurring quality products.

Definitely not. Anyone who is allergic to any of the raw materials used in this product can avoid taking it.

It is made in a completely hygienic manner and in a traditional way using iron kadai.

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