This is a Vegetarian Product

Best Before 365 days  from the date of Manufacturing.


This amazing milk mix is prepared from palmyra sprout that is boiled, cut into pieces, sun-dried for 15 plus days, powdered, and finely filtered. Fiberovita is a concept aimed and processed in a way where people can utilize numerous benefits of palm all around the year.

Directions for use:

Add ¾ teaspoon (3-4 g) of fiberovita to a glass of hot milk or hot water, add palm jaggery or cane sugar (according to taste), mix well and drink.

 140.00 330.00




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Benefits of Palm Sprout :
  • Provides satiety and helps in weight loss.
  • Helps increasing body growth and body radiance (shiny)
  • Helps strengthen internal organs.
  • Help reduce body heat.
  • Rich in dietary fiber helps in the prevention and management of constipation & intestinal cancer.
  • Presence of omega-3 (ALNA) and other unsaturated fatty acids and low glycemic index helps in reducing the risk of diabetes, cardiac problems, and obesity; and help the diabetic patient by increasing insulin response.
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