This is a Vegetarian Product

Best Before 12 Months from the date of Manufacturing.


The first quality Palmyra sprout and raw materials are the Key ingredients of FiberoVita, it has the potential to improve blood circulation and helps to reduce the risk of diabetes by increasing insulin response. Rich in vitamin C, protein, folic acid, antioxidants & omega-3. No artificial flavors, colors, additives, or preservatives. Aimed and processed in a way where people can utilize palm’s benefit all around the year. 0% Cholesterol and low calories.

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100g           275g

Benefits :
  •  FiberoVite, reducing the risk of diabetes, cardiac problems, and obesity due to
    the presence of omega-3 (ALNA) and other unsaturated fatty acids. Low
    glycemic index and help the diabetic patient by increasing insulin response.
  • It Controls high cholesterol.
  • Rich in dietary fiber. Fiber increases fecal bulk, speed fecal passage through the colon, and reduces transit time. Thus, it helps in the prevention and management of constipation & intestinal cancer.
  • FiberoVite reduces body heat.
  • It has the potential to Cure anemia.
  • Increases body growth and body radiance (shiny), and Strengthens internal organs.
  • FiberoVita when taken with coconut milk can strengthen the uterus.
  • FiberoVita when taken with palm jaggery helps in increasing iron levels in the blood.
  • Powerful booster for the immune system.
  • Provides satiety and helps in weight loss.
  • Improves the digestive process and boosts metabolism.
  • Boost skin health and improve vision.
  • Increases enzymatic activity throughout the body.

Frequently asked questions

Children and adults of all ages can handle it.

Take two to three teaspoons twice daily.

Yes, they can. It helps in reducing the risk of diabetes by increasing insulin response.

– Generally, 5 g of FiberoVita can be taken along with cow milk or coconut milk for 1 or 2 times a day (add cane sugar or palm candy or palm jiggery for taste).
– Diabetic patients taking 2-3 times a day of FiberoVita (5 g each) along with hot water and palm jaggery or palm candy can bring good results.

Yes, it is certified by Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. License No. 22420167000256

Yes, they can. If having any doubt, consult with your healthcare provider.

Natural sweetness of Palmyra Sprout.

No added preservatives/artificial colour.

Palmyra sprout, Dried ginger, Cardamom, Turmeric, Salt

Yes. The ingredients used in it are naturally occurring quality products.

Definitely not. Anyone who is allergic to any of the raw materials used in this product can avoid taking it.

It is made in a completely hygienic manner with five layers of filtration process.

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