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VEETOON is a new-fangled food industry that has simple, traditionally processed organic food Haemovite, FiberoVita, iStamina, VEL-D-TOX as it’s primary organic food powders. Haemovite Produced from naturally grown beetroot as its ingredient by using traditional agricultural methods. FiberoVita is prepared using first quality Palmyra sprout and raw materials. 100% organic, naturally produced Moringa (Drumstick) leaves are the source ingredient of iStamina. VEL-D-Tox has veldt grape as its primary key ingredient. Organic foods, not processed with chemical pesticides or chemical fertilizers besides healthy foodstuff, means healthy people and better nourishment for a better living.

Authentic by-products

Our natural products improve your better gross health. Organic vegetables and grains are grown without the most use of synthetic pesticides or artificial fertilizers. Therefore offer better healthy living, especially for the young generation who are potentially affected by the pesticide toxins during their developmental ages. The fourth coming generation is susceptible to various health issues and diseases so we must put forth precautionary measures. Taking of non-organic food products weakens immune systems. Providing the necessary nutrition and the products from the direct source helps to increase metabolism and indigestion.

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